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Mold removal is our specialty! Our team is fully qualified to handle any size restoration or remediation project. Licensed and certified in McHenry County, IL.

Providing Restoration and Remediation In McHenry County, IL.

IICRC Certified Restoration

Our team is IICRC certified and properly trained to handle any size disaster whether it be a commercial business or residential home.

Mold Removal

Contamination is carefully contained during removal.

Water Damage

Restore a wet, damaged structure to its prior condition efficiently.

Fire Restoration

Reduce ongoing damage. Remove smoke odors and soot stains.

Providing Restoration & Remediation In McHenry County, IL

Whether you are looking to have an inspection after water damage has occurred, or require mold removal services, we are the restoration company for you!

Water damage can cause serious damage to a property if water extraction does not begin within 48 hours of the loss occurring to prevent mold growth. Costs will quickly escalate the longer restorative drying is delayed. Call (224) 475-3344 or (312) 351-5441 to schedule and appointment today!

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I discovered a mold problem in my basement and talked to a friend who recommended Bella T. Their customer service was spot on and their staff professional and responsive to concerns. I hope to never have a mold problem again; however, if I do I am calling Bella T.

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Chicago, IL

Water Removal

Dehumidifiers and air movers are key to efficiently drying a water damaged property and preventing further damage such as mold growth from developing. It is possible to effectively restore a structure to pre-loss conditions by thoroughly and rapidly drying materials.

Water Extraction

Extracting water from structural materials quickly requires a technician to increase the rate of evaporation from wet materials. We use Psychrometry and Moisture Meters to accurately determine what water removal equipment should be employed in order to maximize the drying process.

Mold Remediation Professionals

Whether you are facing water damage from a burst pipe or overflowing toilet, have a flooded basement after a rainstorm, or have mold growing in your attic, our team of restoration professionals can return your home back to its original condition or better.

Professional mold remediation requires a quick response to prevent further damage. You can trust our experienced mold removal team to perform your job to the highest of industry standards.

Immediate Remediation Is Key

90% of jobs that start out as water damage will have mold growth after 72 hours of being wet. This could change the category of loss from Category 1 (clean water), to Category 3 (unsanitary). Immediate remediation is key in keeping water damage from escalating costs.

The longer damage restoration is delayed, the higher the costs of restoration will be. Our number one job is to keep the customer safe during the water removal, mold remediation, or sewage cleanup process.

Water Damage Inspection

Water Removal McHenry County Water Damage Restoration
A mold removal technician needs to determine the category and classification of loss prior to arrival. During the initial inspection, the restorer will gather information necessary to properly scope the restoration process.

This requires knowledge of the building’s history and a thorough understanding of the extent of the water intrusion, the type of building materials affected, the amount of damage that has occurred, and any pre-existing conditions.

Our inspections are nonabrasive and consist of checking all water sources and leaks to find the original source of the damage. We then will remedy the problem and scope the damage using z-5 air tests which will tell us what the spore count is in the air.

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